Art. 1 - Announcement and Secretariat

Promoter of the exhibition is Galleria Paoletti in collaboration with MYINSTANTLIFEstudio The Exhibition Selection Office is at MYINSTANTLIFEstudio -


Art. 2 - Duration

The exhibition will be held from Friday 11th to Saturday 19th October at: Galleria Paoletti - Strada Maggiore 14 Bologna


Art. 3 - Participants

Artists will be selected at the discretion of the management,

Participation is open to all.


Art. 4 - Theme

The theme of the works is  FREE


Art. 5 - Registration methods and costs.

The registration is subject to the presentation of the shots by May 15, 2018 and if the application is accepted, the payment of the € 150.00 fee by May 31, 2019

The selection of the works will be by the artistic direction of the event.

The registration fee includes:

. administrative fees

. curating sales of works

. preparation of images in frames 21X31 cm. with passpartout owned by the gallery.

. assembly of works, installation, dismantling and cost of returning works.

. No. 01 copy of the exhibition catalog.

Exhibitors will be entitled to participate in the prizes that will be set up during the work.


Art. 6 - Method of participation.

Each author must submit No. 4 SINGLE WORKS on Polaroid / Impossible / Polaroid Originals 600 or SX70 support.

To standardize the presentation the frames will be provided by the organization of the event.

Only works made with Polaroid instant films, Impossible, Polaroid Originals will be admitted

Digital copies and / or processing are not permitted.

The works proposed for registration must be sent in 1: 1 jpg format at 600 dpi

by 15 May 2019.

Each image must bear in the name of the file "first and last name autore_titolo opera_film_name camera". (In this order or it will not be possible to enter the data)

The files prepared in this way must be sent, by May 15, 2019, in a single e-mail to

The e-mail must contain the subject "name and surname @ ISO600-2019" and the text must contain:

- author data (name, surname, address, email and telephone)

- any personal internet site or innstagram page

- list of proposed works

- Price of the works for sale, the gallery reserves the 30% of rights on the sold works.

- Consent to the use of images for the publication of an exhibition catalog, online and paper publications and any reproduction designed to promote the event (in each use the author's credits will be reported) in the event of selection and participation in the exhibition.


Art. 7 - Deadline

Each participant must confirm acceptance by May 15, 2019 at the address by sending the images that they wish to present in an attachment.

By May 22nd each selected candidate will receive the details for the payment of the registration fee to be made by May 31st 2019


Art. 8 - Sending and Returning Works

The works must be sent by June 14, 2019 to MYINSTANTLIFE, Via Gazzotti 39 - 41042 Spezzano di Fiorano MO The material will be returned by October 30, 2019.

The management does not take charge of any postal problems, the works that will not be received by June 10 will not be able to participate in the exhibition, but as they cannot be replaced they will not be entitled to a refund of the participation fee.



The works must be sent with an attached A5 sheet showing legibly and in block letters the name and address where to deliver the works to be returned.