CALL FOR ARTISTS 2024 - From January 1st to May 31st 2024

Art. 1 - Announcement and Secretariat

The promoter and co-curator of the exhibition are Alan Marcheselli and Alessia Amati in collaboration with Fotogalleria Paoletti, Paoletti Online, Spazio Viola and Nital, the Italian Polaroid distributor.


The Secretariat for the exhibition selection is at Alan Marcheselli -


Art. 2 - Duration

The exhibition will be held from Friday 04th to Sunday 6th October at:

Paoletti Photo Gallery - Strada Maggiore 14 Bologna


Spazio Viola - Via Guerrazzi 17 Bologna.


Article 3 - Participants

The artists will be selected at the discretion of the curators.

Participation is open to all.


Art. 4 – Theme

The theme of the works is FREE with 2 diferent calls, one for Color Film and another for B&W Film.

4 Color Pictures, or 4 B&W Pictures, or  4 Color Pictures and 4 B&W Pictures.

(PLEASE NOTE Color Pictures portfolio and B&W pictures portfolio can be different)


Art. 5 – Registration methods and costs.

Registration is subject to the presentation of the shots by May 31, 2024.


4 COLOR Pictures application if the application is accepted, upon payment of the €180.00 fee by 12 June 2024.


4 B&W Pictures application if the application is accepted, upon payment of the fee of €180.00 by 12 June 2024.


4 COLOR and 4 B&W Pictures application if both applications are accepted, upon payment of the €300.00 fee by 12 June 2024.


(PLEASE NOTE Color Pictures portfolio and B&W pictures portfolio can be different)


The selection of works will be carried out by the artistic direction of the event.


The registration fee includes:

. administrative fees

. setting up images in panels cm. 30X40.

. assembly of works, installation, dismantling and costs of returning works.

. Nr. 01 copy of the exhibition catalogue.


Exhibitors will rightfully participate in the Paoletti Talent Prize and the #portfolio award.


The selected exhibitors will have a space available to sell their production of any prints, books, etc. (closely related to Polaroid instant photography), the gallery does not require any type of rights.


Art. 6 - Participation methods.

Each author must present 4 SINGLE WORKS WITH THE SAME THEME Valid for both COLOR and B&W.


Support Polaroid / Impossible / Polaroid Originals 600, SX70 or I Type.

Only works created with instant film, Impossible, Polaroid Originals, Polaroid will be admitted.

Copies and/or digital processing are not permitted.

The works proposed for registration must be sent in jpg format at 1:1 scale at 800 dpi

by May 31, 2024.

Each image must bear in the file name "name and surname author_title work_type of film_type of camera."

(In this order or it will not be possible to enter the data)

The files thus prepared must be sent, by May 31, 2024, in a single email to

The email must have the subject “name and surname@ISO600-2024” and the following must appear in the text:

- author's data (name, surname, address, email and telephone)

- instagram page

- list of proposed works

- By participating in the selection you agree to the use of the images for the publication of an exhibition catalogue, online and paper publications and any reproduction aimed at promoting the event (the author's credits will be given in each use) in case of selection and participation in the exhibition.


Art. 7 - Expiry.

Each participant must confirm their participation by May 31, 2024 at by sending the images they wish to present as attachments.

Each selected candidate must pay the registration fee by 12 June 2024 via PayPal to

COLOR application fee €180.00

B&W application fee €180.00

COLOR and B&W application fee €300.00 by 12 June 2024.


Art. 8 - Sending and Returning Works

The works must be sent by 30 June 2024 to Alan Marcheselli - Via Mantova 66 - 41049 Sassuolo MO - Italy

The material will be returned by November 30, 2024


The management does not take responsibility for any postal problems, works that are not received by June 30th will not be able to participate in the exhibition, but since they cannot be replaced they will not be entitled to a refund of the participation fee.



N.B. : The works must be sent with an A5 sheet attached which contains the name and address where the works to be returned are to be delivered in capital letters and legibly.